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Summary Runtime analysis tool for finding multi-threading bugs
Category construction
License Eclipse Public License - v 1.0
Owner(s) nitsan

What is JBraid?

JBraid is a runtime analysis tool that finds multi-threading bugs in Java programs. JBraid monitors memory accesses and thread synchronizations in a running program, and detects concurrency bug patterns.

Concurrency bugs are often non-deterministic because their occurrence depends on the way threads are scheduled, which varies from an execution to another. However JBraid is deterministic and only one run is necessary to find all potential problems. JBraid does not require the bugs to actually occur during this run; by mixing and matching memory accesses and thread synchronizations, JBraid can anticipate problems that could occur in all possible executions.


·         User Manual

·         API reference

·         Release notes


Latest version of JBraid: JBraid 1.0 beta 3


JBraid requires the JDK 1.6.